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Our Mission

Blue Orbit Group is a business and information technology consulting firm that is focused on delivering positive results.  The organization specializes in the architecture, delivery and business integration of enterprise business planning and security solutions to private sector and public sector.  Additionally, Blue Orbit resells its services through partnerships within the Technology Provider and Reseller community.

We enable organizations to become more productive and sustainable by thinking strategically and facilitating the use of technology to optimize business process.

Our clients view technology as an enabler to facilitate solving business problems, leveraging their position in the marketplace, becoming more productive organizations and operating more efficiently. Blue Orbit Group specializes in helping our clients effectively integrate their technology investments into the enterprise, driving adoption and delivering measureable results and accelerated return-on-investment.

Blue Orbit Group is headquartered in Austin, Texas with consulting assets available throughout North America.

Our Value

Blue Orbit Groups key-differentiators include:

  • Experience - Our consultants have a practical understanding of the business environment and issues in the specific markets we serve.
  • Knowledge – Blue Orbit has specialists in the technologies and business solutions we support, delivering efficient and knowledgeable consulting expertise.
  • Flexibility – Built on the principles of the world’s largest consulting firms, we deliver an exceptional client experience and quality performance at a lower price point, and with an added ability to rapidly adapt and customize out services to meet our client’s unique business needs and environments.

Our Approach

  • Start with the business objectives
  • Determine Current-State of the organization
  • Provide talent for innovation, creativity and problem solving
  • Propose Future-State for the organization
  • Collaborate with client to architect an appropriate solution
  • Implement solution and execute business integration strategy
  • Establish sustainable business processes and knowledge transfer to the client
  • Executive Level Results Reporting and Project Acceptance





Technology Alliances



IT Alignment & Management

Focuses on the process of technology supporting the business objectives of the enterprise, from budgeting to asset management, with focus on efficient and
cost effective delivery of on-demand and flexible business capability.

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Cyber Risk & Resolution

Provides Assessment, Data Governance and Data Loss Prevention technology implementation services to foster compliant behavior for the enterprise, and secure confidential corporate assets whether they reside on-premise, in the cloud, or on a mobile device

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Mobile Strategy & Integration

Provides Assessment, Advisory, Design, and Development services to help enterprises understand and establish mobility programs based on their overall business needs and outcome expectations.

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Profit & Value Enhancement

Delivers more efficient product innovation and design, improved collaboration, and complaint behavior via our Project Lifecycle Management Framework and implementation and integration of supporting technologies.

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Technology Acquisition & Negotiation

Provides management of the pre-implementation technology lifecycle including investigation, architecture, evaluation, vendor negotiation, and infrastructure consolidation for both on-premise and cloud solutions.  Optimizes Return on Investment and minimizes Total Cost of Ownership.

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